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Learn German language


Hello we discover a wide range of courses and start making progress quickly. Try it now!Features- suitable for new users, with or without previous knowledge - a wide choice of interactive sessions - includes listening, writing, and speaking exercises - vocabulary for a wide range of topics - exercises rules - effective pronunciation training with voice recognition --------- ----------- learn German: learning system, you can learn German flexibly online. The courses are divided into topics can be controlled and offer you a variety of different German exercises: Beginner and renewal courses, grammar, verb training, tongue twisters, Frasepoks and much more. These courses have been developed by experts and improved with years worth of customer feedback. German interactive exercises for vocabulary and grammar as well as other tools enable you to identify and find out what you need. no problem. Thanks to integrated speech recognition, can be evaluated and practice your German pronunciation. Audit Director intelligent vocabulary learned in optimal intervals for review displays. This helps to consolidate what you have learned in your long-term memory. Learning languages ​​on the internet has never been so easy! You will not just learn quickly, and intuitively and flexible, but also more affordably than with traditional language courses. You can try first Alolmanahaly exercises online - free of charge and without any obligations.